5 Ways to Use Stone Wall Cladding

June 7, 2017

Main project image: Brooke Aitken Design using Cotswold Wall Cladding

Sareen Stone’s range of wall cladding is vast. Whether you prefer the finer random pieces that is the Cotswold or the more chunky, bold blocks that is Summit Wall Cladding there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Stone wall cladding has a myriad of uses including:

Think chilly winter afternoons gathered around a fireplace surrounded in earthy stone cladding to really help you feel like you are enjoying a break in the countryside. 


Project images: Zias Building Design using Cotswold & Green Coast Landscapes using Summit Wall Cladding  


The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a feature wall using stone cladding. With a range of colours such as grey, rust, cream, sesame and various hues in between. Stone cladding can be used inside or out making it a highly versatile option. 


 Project images: Miss Moneypennys' in Noosa using Nimbus Split Face Cream & The Italian Village using Cotswold Wall Cladding


Dress up your existing masonry fence with a splash of stone to really make an impression. Stone cladding will add a new dimension to the look of your space.


Project images: Meadowbank Homes using Cotswold & Green Coast Landscapes using Summit Wall Cladding

Popular in commercial projects and growing in popularity in residential homes, stone wall cladding at the entrance way is certain to give it that all important wow factor.


Project images: Green Coast Landscapes using Cotswold & Cascade Wall Cladding


Add a distinctive touch of beauty to your garden or pool area by including stone cladding as a water feature.


Project images: Cascade Cream & Fluid Design Landscapes using Costwold Wall Cladding 

For more inspiration on ways to use stone wall cladding in your design visit our Inspirations pages Feature Walls  and Fireplaces. To view Sareen Stone’s complete range of Wall Cladding visit www.sareenstone.com.au/products/wall-cladding 

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