A Smoother Feel for Granite

March 8, 2017

Granite tiles and pavers continue to be the darlings of the outdoor flooring arena and with this in mind, Sareen Stone has added a new product to the mix. Meet Silhouette Grey Granite Alfresco!

Silhouette Grey Granite Alfresco comes in a lighter, more consistent grey tone, minus the obvious speckle of a typical granite. It is also smoother underfoot than a flamed granite tile or paver and will complement a range of design styles including industrial, contemporary and traditional styles.

Durable, Low Maintenance, Hard Wearing
As the name suggests, our brand-new granite is perfect for outdoor entertaining areas, pool surrounds, driveways, pathways and walkways. Typical of all granite it is a great choice for high traffic areas.

Excellent Slip Rating
The feel of this tile or paver is smoother than a flamed finish and yet with a P5 rating, Silhouette Grey Granite Alfresco offers excellent slip resistance.

Affordable Luxury
Granite has proven extremely popular over the last few years, in part because of its distinctive qualities including its low maintenance, but also due to its affordability. Silhouette Grey Granite Alfresco is no different, providing homeowners and commercial projects alike, a quality flooring that won’t blow the budget.

You are invited to compare Sareen Stone’s range of Granite tiles and pavers and to view the Cobblestone range, including Silhouette Grey Granite Cobbles.

If you would like more information or require samples, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable Staff on 02 9222 9666 or email [email protected]


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