Trends: Bathroom and Laundry Tiles

October 20, 2020

Take a look at our tiles that are ideal for wet area walls and floors in bathrooms and laundries.

Environments like bathrooms and laundries are prone to moisture, which means it's even more important to select the right natural stone or porcelain tile that not only looks great but will last well into the future.

Explore our laundry room and bathroom ideas for your interior designs with this list of natural stone and porcelain products selected by our natural stone specialists.

Crema Marquina Limestone 305x305x10 Honed Tile 

Crema Marquina Limestone is a light-coloured natural stone with minimal veining and one of our more popular options for use on walls and floors, with its distinctly natural, luxurious look.


Manhattan Limestone 305x305x10 Honed Tile

Imagine silver cirrus clouds interwoven with white hues and you'll be close to picturing the elegant look of our Manhattan Limestone. Almost marble-like and very hardwearing, our Manhattan Limestone will add a sense of luxury to any bathroom or laundry project. 


Noce Travertine 305x305x10 Filled & Honed Tile

Our Noce Travertine has a mix of brown, beige and earthy colours that add warmer and richer feel that create a classic effect to your space. As demonstrated by this Freshwater residence by Walter Barda Design, it works best in light filled rooms by complimenting them with a dominant backdrop and a touch of character.


Classic Travertine 305x305x10 Filled & Honed Tile

One of our most popular stones is the classic travertine. This is because of its versatility and simple but beautiful light beige design. It is suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors, and because it doesn't retain heat, it is a safe choice for the Australian climate.


Carrara Bianco Marble C 305x305x10 Honed Tile

This is the Italian stone that comes to mind when you think 'white marble'. Carrara is the classic white Italian marble used for centuries in building and sculpture applications. Our Carrara Bianco Marble C is sourced from the world famous La Facciata quarry, which is knownn to produce the best Carrara available. 

Sareen Stone's glamorous Carrara Bianco C Marble was used on bathroom floors and walls at this Coffs Harbour residence.


Grigio Carnico Marble 305x305x10 Honed Tile   

A much bolder dark charcoal Grigio Carnico marble is a dominant stone with a lot of detailed and colourful veining. The rustic notes of this stone imported from Italy add a modern look to your space and is the favourite among the designers.


Pietra Grey Marble 305x305 Honed or Polished Tile 

With a similar 'muddy' charcoal colourway as the Grigio Carnico Marble, the Pietra Grey still adds a strong backdrop to bathroom floors while the less dominant veining make it a more neutral but still a strandout choice for your space.


Smaller Format Wall Tiles for Smaller Spaces

Bathroom and laundry tiles in the 305mm tile format has been described as the perfect size for smaller room sizes, with the smaller tile size less likely to visually exaggerate space constraints.

Porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes to suit any taste, whether you prefer a cleaner design or a more extravagant pattern.


Browse our website to find the perfect stone for your bathroom or laundry room. Contact us on 02 9666 9222 if you want to chat to one of our stone specialists or email [email protected].


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