Fanned Cobbles – The Devil’s in the Detail

June 14, 2017

Image: Fanned Charcoal Grey Granite Cobblestones

Driveways, pathways and outdoor spaces using fanned cobblestones are not for the faint hearted. Generally, when it comes to installing fanned cobbles they are a more complex design where the devil’s in the detail!

Fanned pattern is sometimes referred to as Florentine pattern or European Fanned pattern. Whilst they can work in smaller areas, fanned cobblestones generally work best in large scaled patterns.

It is wise to engage an experienced landscaper or tiler to lay your cobbles. The inclusion of contrasting colours can be used as highlights and accents adding beauty to your overall pattern. However, the planning needs to be meticilous and the laying of the cobbles done with care.  These are supplied on a mesh sheet one fan at a time.

Reminiscent of patterns & designs found across Europe & even in designs built by the Romans in ancient times, fanned cobbles are also used to achieve a circular or semi-circular design for driveways, pathways and public spaces.  This pattern adds texture and interest to the overall landscape.

The popularity of fan pattern cobbles has been evident for centuries. They continue to be a poplar choice today due to their enduring properties, easy maintenance, beauty and cost effectiveness!

At Sareen Stone granite fanned cobbles are a custom order and available in the following:


           Image: Fanned Desert Sand Granite Cobblestones

The lead time will generally be a minimum of 8 weeks however this can vary depending on your requirements and the location of our supplier.

If you require more information about Fanned Cobblestones or would like samples, please contact our knowledgeable Staff on 02 9666 9222 or [email protected]

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