So you want a timber floor!

January 23, 2017

Image Credit:  DOM Design™  Timber look Grigio Rough Porcelain

So you want to have the warmth and beauty of a timber look floor but you also want the advantages of a tiled floor – easy to install; hardwearing for high traffic areas; scratch, stain and water resistant; easy to maintain and little reaction to fluctuations in temperature. It’s no wonder timber lookalike porcelain tiles are on many wish lists for 2017!

Porcelain tiles are relatively young in the overall scheme of things. About 40 years ago, full body porcelain tiles were the first and original porcelain tiles to come onto the market. Full body porcelain tiles have the colour all the way through the tile. This meant that if you chip a tile then the damage was not as obvious.

As tile technology evolved more products such as glazed porcelains and screen printed porcelains became available. Today, due to the amazing advances in tile technology, tile manufacturers can photograph all manner of images, including concrete, timber and stone, to print onto the tile prior to glazing.

Sareen Stone has a range of porcelain and ceramic tiles including Timber Look Porcelains. Timber Look Porcelains are available in a range of finishes. Due to their low maintenance and tough, hard wearing properties - some can be as hard as granite - they are highly suitable for both commercial and residential environments. Importantly, Sareen Stone’s Timber Lookalikes can be used both indoors and outside.


Image Credit: DOM Design™
Bathroom floor:  Rovere Rough Porcelain (Timber Look)

To see Sareen Stone’s Porcelain Timber Look tiles or any of the Porcelain and Ceramic tile Range, we invite you to arrange an appointment to visit our Showroom, contact us for your samples or call one of our knowledgeable Staff on 02 9666 9222 or via email: [email protected]


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