Limestone Moves Outdoors

January 31, 2020

Your client loves limestone and wants to use it indoors and out. You know all limestones are beautiful – soothing, relaxing and soft to walk on, but you also know that not all limestones are suitable for outdoors. Sareen Stone’s Alfresco range of Limestones offers the solution.

Limestone for outdoors has traditionally been ‘tumbled’ to provide a relaxed ‘outdoor’ feel. While these Limestone tiles look beautiful, the tumbling process on limestone can result in a very slippery tile, totally unsuitable as an external finish particularly for uncovered areas.

This is predominantly why Sareen Stone has developed the Alfresco Limestone range. The Alfresco range provides the opportunity to achieve an indoor/outdoor flow that Australians love - the same stone can flow from inside the home to out – providing a safe and seamless transition.

Two important reasons to consider Limestone Alfresco

The advantages delivered by this new Alfresco range include:

  • minimum P4 Slip Rating, suitable for wet areas such as pool surrounds, walkways and driveways.
  • seamless transition for limestone flooring from inside to out.

Creating the Alfresco finish

As every stone is different, so are the techniques used to create the Alfresco finish. Some of the processes include sandblasting the surface and/or using an acid wash to “etch” the surface of the stone. These processes can vary in intensity depending on the makeup of the stone and the desired result.

The Alfresco Limestone range has expanded to include:

Lavarosa - warmer, neutral tones that will suit most designs

Luna Chiaro - large format with consistent lighter grey tones and unique subtle markings



Tavira - large format relaxed ambience and lighter tones that echo the sand on the beach



Manhattan - large format elegant grey, silver and white tones that resemble marble



Crema Vialle - large format warm, ivory tones that offer timeless appeal



Cathedral - large format limestone reminiscent of European styling


To arrange samples of any or all of the Alfresco Limestone range contact one of our Natural Stone Specialists on [email protected] or phone 02 9666 9222

To view the entire limestone range of tiles and pavers from Sareen Stone visit here


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