New Manhattan Limestone Arrives this Week

September 28, 2017

Sareen Stone’s new Manhattan Limestone is a little like a martini with lemon, it comes with a twist!

Manhattan Limestone has all the hallmarks of a traditional limestone – durable, elegant, timeless and soft to walk on - which makes it the perfect backdrop for any design style. However, visually this new limestone resembles a marble with its stronger, darker coloured veining.

Such a mix of tones and veining in a honed finish, allows this limestone to be a highly practical choice for floors that see a lot of traffic. Perfect for office or commercial spaces and equally at home in the dining area, kitchen, open plan living and the foyer.

This brand-new addition to our limestone range is due to arrive into the warehouse this week. It joins Tavira Limestone and Tavira Alfresco Limestone as one of the newest of our Limestones.

To order your samples of the new Manhanttan Limestone, contact our knowledgeable Staff on 02 9666 9222 or email [email protected]. You are always welcome to make an appointment  to visit our showroom to compare our range of limestones.


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