Noce Travertine Tumbled

January 16, 2018

Sareen Stone’s Noce Travertine Tumbled  has walnut tones that offer an alternative to the lighter Classic Travertine. The slightly deeper tones provide a richness in colour and adds warmth to a space.

Whilst our Noce Travertine French Pattern is synonymous with French Provincial and Farmhouse country styles, it is very much at home in a contemporary space as well. French patterned flooring provides a European feel that is far from ordinary.


Image credit: Walter Barda Design

Noce Travertine in a tumbled finish means it is slip resistant, perfect for your indoors, especially living areas and the kitchen, or outdoor areas including pathways and pool surrounds. It is available in a 12mm tile or a 30mm paver French Pattern as well as 406x406 and 610x406 in a 12mm tile or a 30mm paver.


Image credit: Walter Barda Design

The warm blend of walnut tones allows Noce Travertine to give a richness of colour with a slight variation throughout, making it ideal for busy areas with high traffic. Its natural and enduring properties mean it is soft to walk on and stays cool even under the hot Australian sun.


    Tumbled Travertine French Pattern

    Tile sizes 

     610x406 x 2 tiles

     406x406 x 4 tiles

     406x203 x 2 tiles

     203x203 x 4 tiles

     1 set   =   12 tiles





To find out more about Sareen Stone’s Noce Travertine French Patterned Tumbled tiles and pavers or to order your samples, contact our knowledgable Staff on 02 9666 9222 or email [email protected]

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