STONETECH® Professional Transforms Stone

August 30, 2017

Image: Kiaora Place, Double Bay

STONETECH® can assist you in bringing out the colour of natural stone and accentuate those muted colours often not discovered when stone is laid in its natural state. This is especially true of darker coloured stone. While the enhancing sealer darkens the stone and brings out the colours it also gives it a richness - leaving it looking well ‘moisturised’.

STONETECH® Paver Sealer and Enhancer  & STONETECH® Enhancer Pro Sealer  are part of the STONETECH® Transform range and will both provide protection against oil and water-based stains and can be used for interior and exterior applications.

To determine which product is the best for your project compare the two:

Paver Sealer & Enhancer                                     
Enhancer Pro Sealer     
Protects against oil and water-based stains              Standard
Heavy Duty  
Water-based formula          Yes
Solvent based formula        No
Interior and Exterior Application                         Yes

Weather, UV and Chemical Resistant           

No  Yes
Surfaces Concrete pavers, masonry, brick,
concrete and mortar.

Unpolished natural stone such as textured,
tumbled or flamed. Limestone, slate, travertine,
granite, basalt/bluestone, sandstone and
cobblestones. Can also be used on grout, masonry
and concrete.

To find out more about when to use STONETECH® Enhancer Pro and where it has been used on other projects, visit the following blogs:

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If you need to discuss how best to transform the natural stone on your next project, call our knowledgeable Staff on 02 9666 9222 or email: [email protected]



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