A Trio of Timeless Quality

April 23, 2019

Three custom-built homes by Sydney builder Meadowbank Homes, showcase a range of Sareen Stone’s natural stone throughout. Quality natural stone just like a quality built custom home, offers style that is timeless.

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Understanding Stone: 2. Alfresco tiles, pavers & treads

April 10, 2018

Sareen Stone’s range of Alfresco outdoor tiles, pavers and step treads takes life outside. As the name suggests, it epitomizes everything that is the outdoors.

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Plan an Outdoor Overhaul with our Favourite Travertines

December 7, 2015

A new shipment of our favourite Travertine has just arrived into the warehouse ready for that outdoor overhaul. Sareen Stone’s Tumbled Travertine will transform an outdoor space not only because of their beauty but also because they offer anti-slip properties & will always remain cool to walk on, even during the hottest summer day.

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