Totally Transformed by Tavira

May 14, 2019

A recent renovation of this tired outdoor space has been refreshed and modernised with beautiful Tavira Alfresco Limestone. The new limestone tiles have brought the outdoor area of this gorgeous home in Sydney’s leafy north into the 21st century.

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Understanding Stone Series: Handling Stone Around Pools

April 9, 2019

Project and image courtesy of Get Smart Landscaping and Freestyle Pools

Each piece of natural stone displays the markings of its formation history so no two pieces will be the same. This is the first thing to understand when selecting natural stone for any project including stone around pools.

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STONETECH® Professional Transforms Stone

August 30, 2017

Image: Kiaora Place, Double Bay

STONETECH® can assist you in bringing out the colour of natural stone and accentuate those muted colours often not discovered when stone is laid in its natural state. This is especially true of darker coloured stone. While the enhancing sealer darkens the stone and brings out the colours it also gives it a richness - leaving it looking well ‘moisturised’.

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Sealing Sydney’s Green Square

July 19, 2017

Green Square was once the industrial edge of Sydney’s south. Today it is being revitalized into a vibrant global village and Sid Hammoud from Sydney Brick Paving Company has been working in the thick of it!

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Stone and Salt Water Pools

June 28, 2017

Salt water pools are the pool of choice in Australia. When it comes to protecting your pool, natural stone pool coping and surrounds such as sandstone, granite, limestone or travertine are both beautiful and functional. However, care needs to be taken for your stone pool surrounds of a saltwater pool as stone is porous and salt is a corrosive agent that can be particularly damaging if it penetrates the stone.

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STONETECH® Water-based Sealers: Expect High Performance

October 24, 2016

STONETECH® Water-based Sealers are relied upon to deliver, while ensuring they offer all the benefits of an environmentally friendly product – low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), minimal fumes & less odours. All the products in the range will preserve the natural look of stone, resulting in a natural finish.

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Going Green - Our range of environmentally friendly products deliver - Part 1

April 4, 2016


At Sareen Stone we place a great deal of importance on quality. We also strive to have a positive impact on the environment. Offering our clients a superior range of stone and tile care products that delivers excellent performance with minimal environmental impact, is also very important to us.  

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The Great Holiday ‘to do list’ - Make it Happen!

December 14, 2015

If you’re hanging around home during the Christmas break, what better time to get going on our Christmas Holiday ‘to do list’. Ideas for outside and in, from the simple to the more sophisticated, ticking a few off this list will have you ahead of the game once 2016 comes around.

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Product Focus - StoneTech® Professional Heavy Duty Sealer

June 29, 2015

Protect your stone. Preserve its look.

The StoneTech® Professional Range of Sealers can be used to protect your stone including marble, granite, limestone, slate, travertine, sandstone and bluestone. The Heavy Duty Sealer uses Teflon technology and bonds with the stone to provide heavy duty protection against tough oil and water- based stains while preserving the all important natural look of your stone.

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Pool Smarts Part 4 – Common pool pitfalls and how to avoid them

June 29, 2015

Arm yourself with the knowledge to get it right the first time and avoid those common mistakes that can not only be time consuming but more importantly, very costly.

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