2020 Tile Trends: Terrazzo's Return

September 15, 2020

While the history of the Terrazzo can be traced back to the pavements of 18th Century Venice, this longstanding traditional tile has enjoyed a recent renaissance in architectural projects across Australia.

Perhaps best recognised on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame where mosaic-like Terrazzo tiles and brass stars frame the celebrities’ names memorialised on the sidewalk, the Terrazzo tile’s unique colour palettes have become an increasingly popular and sustainable option in contemporary Australian architectural applications.


A highly durable composite material, Terrazzo is comprised of natural semi-precious stone fragments in a fine white cement base made from a high quality Italian hydrated limestone cement, which forms a dense and hard material with low porosity and minimal water staining.


With a honed finish, Terrazzo tiles feature a montage of fragments of Tuscan marble, quartz, granite and glass set inside white limestone-derived concrete that can be pre-cast or poured in situ.


Terrazzo is ideal for wall or floor settings and is available in either tiles or slab. Sareen Stone offers a variety of striking or subtle Terrazzo colour combinations to suit numerous design specifications.


Ingredients are poured into large steel vats and tumbled to make the resulting material very hardwearing and dense. After it is cured, it is ground and polished smooth to produce a honed finish.


In addition to its striking appearance, our Terrazzo range carries sustainability credentials due to its use of Italian stone chips created as by-products of tile or slab-making.


We offer premium-grade, genuine Italian Terrazzo, which has been made in a traditional style handed down from one generation to the next.


This material was once very popular for smaller fittings and fixtures in the home like bathrooms or kitchen splashbacks, but increasingly we are seeing orders for Terrazzo for larger-scale installations across New South Wales.


Available with a micro bevel edge, Sareen Stone’s unique Terrazzo compositions are available in Large, with its extra-large chips of semi-precious stone of up to 75mm in length; the Medium range characterised by mid-sized fragments; and the Small range, recognised by its montage of smaller stones including Bianco Verona, Carrara, Nero Marquina, Rosso Veronaa and Calacatta.


Terrazzo tiles are available in 600x600x20mm, with some Medium and Large options also available in 400x400x15mm tile size. Custom sizes are also available on request.



For samples of Sareen Stone’s Terrazzo, please contact our Natural Stone Specialists on 02 9666 9222 or email [email protected].


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