The High Life for Cotswold Wall Cladding

April 19, 2017

Sean Malone from Terraset and the Sydney Stone Company tackled this difficult sloping block with amazing results. Sareen Stone’s Cotswold Wall Cladding was used on fencing from the front of the home through to the retaining walls and tiered garden beds on the steep block at the rear of the property that has stunning views of the harbour on Sydney’s north shore.

Sareen Stone’s Cotswold Wall Cladding was chosen for the side fence and the expansive retaining walls. The client asked for smaller stones to be intermingled with larger ones in a random pattern. Cotswold Wall Cladding was the answer.


The dry stack stone appeal of the Cotswold wall cladding offers a European look. The stones are laid randomly and the result is always unique. It has a rustic charm and the earthy tones of the wall cladding complement most colour palettes.


Sareen Stone’s Cotswold Wall Cladding also features in the first few seconds of a television commercial for Gerni - yes the spider is the main attraction - but the wall cladding is the beauty in the story! The job is another one of Sean’s, showcasing his attention to detail in his stone mason work.

Image: Television commercial for Gerni - Sareen Stone's Cotswold Wall Cladding

To see more of Sean’s work, visit or contact him directly on 0404 184 454.

For more information about Cotswold Wall Cladding or any of Sareen Stone’s range of wall claddings contact our knowledgeable Staff on 02 9666 9222 or email [email protected]


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