The Terraced House

February 12, 2019

The Terraced House, designed by Darren Campbell Architects, showcases natural stone both inside and out. We spoke to Darren about this project located in the beautiful harbourside suburb of Northbridge.

1. This house is in a beautiful part of Sydney however, it does seem like a steep block. What considerations needed to be made as a result?

To achieve the accommodation brief for the house within building height and floor area restrictions, the design required spaces that cut into as well as projected from the site. The concept of the terraced house evolved as a means of connecting lower level interior living spaces to outdoor spaces by forming a series of level flat areas on the sloping site.


2. What other challenges did this site present?

The form of Terraced house required significant removal of sandstone from the site. Stone was carefully cut and removed in reusable blocks for landscaping retaining walls at locations nearby.

3. The original dwelling has been totally redesigned inside and out. Is there any one part or element that is a favourite?

Sunken courtyards to the north and south of the lounge and study spaces allow natural cross-ventilation and offer shady relief from the harsh afternoon summer sun.


4. AJ Anderson Building was part of the Project team. Have you worked with them before? Do you help your client select the builder to use on the project depending on the requirements of the build

This was my first project with AJ Anderson Building and they truly showed their mastery of building. Whenever possible I prefer to assist the client with selecting the builder as the team works closely together.

5. Where did you decide to use natural stone in this project?

The building form is perceived as simple white cantilevered rectilinear elements of varying thickness projecting from the side contrasted with natural materials including timber batten screens, zinc cladding and natural stone retaining walls, cobblestones, interior and exterior floor tiles.


6. If you could make one trend prediction for the coming year for hard surfaces what would it be?

For me the simple pallet of natural materials contrasting with stark colours will prevail, including large format granite and limestone tiles.

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Project Details
Architect:   Darren Campbell Architects

Builder:     AJ Anderson Building

Images:    Andrew Krucko Photography



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