Basalt Tiles & Basalt Pavers

Make a Statement with Basalt Tiles for Your Next Project

Dark, fine grained and made from volcanic rock, basalt tiles are perfect for making a chic, strong, monochromatic statement. Choose basalt tiles for indoors, including floors, walls and countertops; and pavers for your outdoors, such as driveways, pathways and pool.

They are also an ideal solution for a range of commercial projects, adding an air of sophistication to the space. Whether you’re wanting old-style charm or a more contemporary design, basalt tiles are the perfect feature for your space.

Leading Suppliers of Basalt Tiles & Pavers in Sydney & Surrounds

Basalt, also known as bluestone in Australia, is one of the most commonly used stone building materials for both residential and commercial projects. Sareen Stone are leading suppliers of basalt across Sydney, as its simple hue lends itself to a range of design styles. Whether you’re looking for traditional, minimalist or an industrial look, the versatile basalt will not disappoint.

We currently offer two styles:
Black Titan Basalt Honed – Offers consistent deep grey colouring with minimal variation, which projects a youthful, contemporary vibe.
Black Titan Basalt Sawn – A sophisticated mid graphite-coloured stone, typically used for defining and highlighting lighter colour natural stones.

Are Basalt Pavers Suitable for my Next Project?

Sareen Stone are Sydney’s preferred suppliers for basalt pavers, as well as a variety of other tiles including cobblestones, granite and more. With our team’s vast experience as natural stone specialists, you can rely on us to provide you with expert advice and assistance throughout every stage of your project, no matter the scale or scope.