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STONETECH® Professional Restore Acid Cleaner

This restorative professional strength cleaner is designed to remove efflorescence, cement and grout haze, soap scum and post construction stains. It makes tile and grout look new again. Available in both ready to use and concentrate formulas.

  • Renews tile and grout
  • Cleans away hard water deposits, cement & grout haze, efflorescence and soap scum
  • Professional strength, acidic formula

Warning: Do not use on coloured concrete, dyed granite and acid sensitive stones such as marble, limestone and travertine. If unsure if the granite is dyed, test in a small incospicuous area. If granite shows discolouration up to 24hours after applying Restore, do not use product.

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709ml, 946ml, 3.785L 18.925L CLEANERS

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