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LATICRETE S-Multimastic Premium Adhesive

Multimastic Premium Adhesive is a white, non-flammable, ready to use latex adhesive designed for interior installations of ceramic tile and natural stone on both floors and walls. Pre-mixed, creamy and smooth, this water-resistant adhesive is ideal for installations over cement backer board, gypsum wallboard and plywood.

Multimastic Premium Adhesive is designed for the installation of ceramic tile on interior floors and walls. Cures to a clean, white colour, making it suitable for light coloured and white ceramic tile and grouts.

Benefits include:

  • High Tack
  • Non Slip
  • Green Certified for Low VOCs

Product Data Sheet
DS-1055: Multimastic Premium Adhesive

Material Safety Data Sheet
MSDS: Multimastic Premium Adhesive 

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