Cobblestones will complement any home

Cobblestones are ideal for driveways and outdoor areas in residential and and commercial projects. Providing an old-world appeal, cobblestones are easy to install, low maintenance and are suitable for high traffic areas.

Made from granite, cobblestones are durable and long-lasting by nature.

Experts in Cobblestones

Sareen Stone offers premium cobblestones throughout the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane areas.. Cobblestones are the perfect solution for driveways and paths.

We have a variety of cobblestones available, each with its own distinguishing characteristics, all with a non slip outdoor finish:

Charcoal Grey Granite Cobblestones - one of our best selling cobblestones, available in a stunning grey finish.

Desert Sand Granite Cobblestones - Soft sandy color with dark and light intrusions.

Porphyry 3 Color mix Cobblestones - Available in three great colors.

Porphyry 2 Color mix Cobblestones - Available in a subtle two color mix of light and dark greys.

Salt'n'Pepper Granite Cobblestones - Available in a natural finish.(indent order only)

Sesame Green Granite Cobblestones - Light in color with a slight dark moss green or grey look. (indent order only)

Silhouette Granite Cobblestones - a popular cobblestone, due largely to its trending mid grey colouring.

If you would like to know more about our range of cobblestones available to the Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane areas, contact us or visit our Sydney showroom just 10 minutes south of the CBD. Our qualified Staff have the expert knowledge to help you with your decision making process.