Desert Sand Granite Cobblestones

Desert Sand Granite Cobbles are a soft sandy colour with dark & light intrusions.  Available in a stunning flamed finish, they can be supplied loose or on mesh for ease of handling during installation.

Very low maintenance and incredibly durable for high traffic areas, Desert Sand Granite Cobbles are a stunning feature to any home or commercial landscape.

Easy to lay, they are the best driveway solution and are ideal for path or in sets to break up areas of paving.

Fanned cobblestones are available as a custom order in Desert Sand.
Note: Fanned cobblestones are available on special order only. Please allow a minimum 8 weeks’ lead time.

Finish Size Format Enquire About
Bush Hammered 90x90x25 Brick Bond (Square on mesh) 600x400 sheet
Bush Hammered 90x90x25 Loose

Customised sizes available on request

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