Himalayan Alfresco Sandstone

Himalayan sandstone is a popular stone suitable for all type of exterior projects. Sareen Stone's Himalayan sandstone stands apart from most Himalayan available in the marketplace as it is calibrated providing consistent thickness and limited colour variation. 

Sareen Stone's 3-part Anti-Slip finish is manufactured using a unique process. This finish is perfect for outdoor areas including swimming pool surrounds as it provides the relevant anti-slip properties required whilst being gentle under-foot. This process not only offers anti-slip properties, it gives the stone a neutral colouring compared to the warmer look of the natural finish.

* Slip rating available 


Himalayan 400x400x15/30, Alfresco+Calibrated Ledge Tile, 30mm Pencil Round Profile      

Himalayan 600x400x15/30, Alfresco+Calibrated Ledge Tile, 30mm Bullnose Profile             

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