Teakwood Sandstone Anti-Slip

Teakwood Sandstone has distinctive bands of colour displaying warm, earthy tones. The stone is naturally smooth and durable, with patterns of brown, gold and cream forming throughout the stone with stunning variation whilst maintaining an overall unified appearance.

Teakwood Sandstone Anti-slip is perfect for outdoor areas including swimming pool surrounds and entertainment areas. It provides the relevant anti-slip properties required whilst being gentle under-foot and cool to walk on during the summer months.

* Slip rating available  


Teakwood 600x400x30 Sandblasted Coping, Bullnose 1 Long Edge             

Teakwood 600x400x30 Anti-Slip+Calibrated, Pencil Round 1 Long Edge      


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Anti-Slip & Calibrated 600x400x30 Pencil Round Pool Coping / Step Tread

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