Sydney’s Leading Wholesalers for Granite Pavers & Tiles

Made of igneous rocks from the crust of the earth, granite is one of the strongest natural stones available worldwide, and Sareen Stone supplies them to clients in Sydney and along the east coast.

Due to their durability, granite tiles and pavers are especially suited for outdoor areas but can also be applied as interior flooring to create a modern, industrial aesthetic for homes, as well as for public and commercial buildings.

Granite is a popular choice for high traffic areas thanks to both its strength and low maintenance requirements. Typically, granite tiles are available as 15mm tiles for interior spaces, and 30mm pavers in a flamed or alfresco finish for outdoor areas. We also supply durable granite cobblestones for new driveways or footpaths.

Suppliers of a Wide Range of Granite Tiles & Pavers

Sareen Stone are wholesalers for a wide range of granite tiles and granite pavers in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Our range of available granite includes:

Charcoal Grey Granite- available in a flamed finish and one of our most popular granites, suitable for outdoors.

Desert Sand Granite - sandy coloured with dark and light intrusions.

Salt & Pepper Granite - as the name suggests it has a salt and pepper colouring - a popular granite due to its consistent colouring, available in a flamed finish, suitable for outdoors.

Silhouette Grey Granite - another popular granite, due largely to its trending mid grey colouring, available in a flamed finish, suitable for outdoors.

Silhouette Alfresco Granite - the lighter, more consistent grey tones, with less of a speckle typical of granite, suitable for outdoors

Learn More About Granite from Sydney’s Expert Suppliers

Our products are of the highest quality and supplied to a wide range of industry professionals, including builders, architects, designers and landscapers. Whether you’re looking for new granite suppliers for your business, or you’re searching for ideas to present to your builder, the experienced team at Sareen Stone can help.