Skimmer Lids

Sareen Stone supplies integrated skimmer lid kits to complement your pool tiles and pool coping, allowing you to achieve a seamless and flush pool surround, minus that unsightly plastic skimmer lid.

A large selection of Sareen Stone’s outdoor natural stone range (see above) can be integrated into the skimmer lid kit. The kit includes a stainless steel tray, paving matched stone insert and a stainless steel key.

Your selected stone will be infilled within a 2mm thick 316 marine grade stainless steel tray. The tray is designed to help prevent chips, cracks and possible breakage.

A keyway slot is cut into the stone prior to assembly. Included is a key to unlock the skimmer lid ensuring the skimmer box is child safe.

Our staff have the experience to answer any questions you may have about skimmer lids, and can assist you with choosing the right pool pavers and pool coping for your project.