Himalayan Natural Sandstone

Himalayan Sandstone is a popular stone suitable for all type of exterior projects. Sareen Stones Himalayan sandstone stands apart from most Himalayan available in the marketplace as it is calibrated providing consistent thickness.

Perfect for the Australian environment, Himalayan Natural sandstone offers a warm, yet distinguished look to any home. Many home owners choose this particular finish due to its unmistakable colouring that has been developed by Mother Nature over thousands of years.

Being a sedimentary rock, as the name suggests sandstone is formed predominantly of sand but also may contain quartz & feldspar. Water run off deposits these sands & is cemented by the precipitation of minerals within the spaces & pores between the grains of sand. Over sufficient time & pressure forms Himalayan sandstone giving it a warm, yet distinguished.

* Slip rating available 

Finish Size Format Enquire About
Natural & Calibrated 600x400mm Tile or Paver
Natural & Calibrated 600x400mm Bullnose one long edge Pool Coping / Step Tread

Customised sizes available on request

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