STONETECH® Technology

STONETECH® Professional was founded on a need, a strong idea and strong technology. Therefore, keeping in touch with customer needs and satisfying them with great technology are two areas that will never be compromised. This commitment resonates throughout the entire company to provide you with the highest quality, premium products with the best technology.

DuPonts Research & Development team is constantly looking for ways to improve our products and stay on the cutting edge of technology. StoneTech® Professional developed a new line of water-based sealers using the next generation in fluorochemical technology. These formulas were designed to literally "bond" with stone, so that porosity was no longer an issue — a big accomplishment in the industry.

Good technology also means technology that's been tested. Before new technologies are introduced to the marketplace, we engage in a thorough examination process internally and with users.

By the time new products get into your hands, you can rest assured that all the homework has been done right. Our customers receive the highest quality stone care products that fit your lifestyle and your needs.