High quality sandstone tiles Melbourne

Would you like to enhance your home in Melbourne?

We have a range of quality sandstone tiles and pavers for you that you can use to create a nice environment for your pool area (coping and surrounds), or can add to water features, footpaths or driveways. They also make a nice enhancement for your inside floors and fireplace, among other things.

You can choose local products, or products imported from India, both of which we make sure is of high quality.

Sandstone tiles from the north of India

We import sandstone products for you right up from the north of India in Rajasthan, where our factory which produces three different finishes:

Himalayan sandstone natural - Ideal for the outdoor areas around your home, such as your pool.

Himalayan anti-slip – Make sure your pool area is safe with industry-accepted standards in non-slip material.

Honed - a smoother look.

Sandstone tiles from the Sydney Basin

Local sandstone tiles and pavers also make a quality addition to your home, and you can choose from:

Sydney buff sandstone - an elegant buff sandstone from the Sydney Basin at Hawkesbury.

Drifting sands sandstone - add a beautiful creamy peach colour to your outdoor areas.

If you want to find out more about Sandstone tiles and pavers in Melbourne or other products, feel free to call us on 02 9661 9111. Our passionate staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about creating your new home.