Travertine tiles and pavers from around the globe

Newcastle is a lovely city with a great beach. To match this you want to create a nice home, and this can be done with our range of travertine tiles and pavers imported from around the world.

Travertine tiles and pavers are imported to Newcastle from Italy, Turkey and Iran, and each country has its own distinct style and products.


Import travertine from the largest travertine producer in Italy, with such travertine products as:

Coliseum - create a modern look to your home, with its nice beige colour with cream tones on the surface.

Domus aura - a universal stone product, suitable for enhancing both indoor and outdoor areas of your Newcastle home.


Our factory in Turkey only provides you with the highest quality products, so you get only the best for your home. This, we make sure of. Choose form:

Navona - add warmth to your home with nice soft caramel coloured tones.

Noce - another universal stone suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment, comes in a beautiful mix of brown, beige and rust colours.


We import products from our Iran supplier in such great quantities that we can allow Newcastle resident to enjoy generous discounts, while still receiving a high quality product.

Cappuccino travertine - from Iran we import a nice cappuccino coloured travertine tile for your home.

What other choices do you have for your home?

As a Newcastle resident you can also choose from these three finishes:

  • Unfilled and honed
  • Filled and honed
  • Tumbled

All travertine tiles and pavers are calibrated to +/- 1mm

Would you like to find out more about Travertine tiles and pavers for residents of Newcastle, as well as other products? We invite you to give us a call on 02 9666 9222. Our experienced staff will be happy to give you all the help you need, and help you make the correct decisions.